East Haugh House Hotel

We have some news...

As many of you may know, towards the end of 2019 we made the decision to put our beloved business on the market and embark on the path towards retirement. Shortly after, the Pandemic hit us all and we got a taste of retired life, albeit with nowhere to go and a lot of stressful uncertainty!

It's now with much joy, but also a heavy heart, that we can announce that our dreams have come true and East Haugh House has been sold to a wonderful family who will be turning it back into a private house.

We cannot begin to find the words to thank each and every person who has crossed our paths over the 33 years since we opened. So many became life-long wonderful friends and loyal customers, and we are truly grateful for your custom and love.

When we bought East Haugh in 1989 we had such a passion and vision to create something that guests would want to return to again and again, a place that was a home from home with the very best food and produce in the area. We are so proud to have achieved this and to have had some of the most wonderful colleagues working with us to bring this vision to life. They really are at the heart of our success, and have weathered so much over the last 18 months with such resilience and commitment. Each will be a true asset to any business taking them on for the next chapter in their hospitality careers.

Our girls, Sophie and Emma, have played a massive role in the running of East Haugh. From washing dishes, cleaning rooms and waiting tables as children, to becoming an integral part of the success - we are so grateful for all their support!

We will close our doors for the last time on the 28th of October 2021.

With much love and gratitude

Lesley and Neil McGown


East Haugh House Hotel